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How can I get the most out of SPARX?

It’s better that you complete one or two SPARX levels a week, rather than doing it all at once. You can then practise the skills in real life with a parent or trusted friend before moving onto the next. Each level takes about half an hour.

Even if you start to feel better, finishing all of the levels will have the greatest impact.

What should I do after I finish a SPARX session?

Sign out or close your browser once you’ve finished using the website or SPARX. Then others won’t be able to access your personal information and correspondence.

What happens after SPARX?

If you find SPARX has helped you, keep up the good work and positive vibes by practising your new skills in real life, every day. Or, if you feel confident enough, you can share what you’ve learnt with someone you trust, ask them to help you practise, or remind you to stay on top of your skills.

If you’ve completed all levels and you’re still not feeling better, that’s okay! It just means your situation needs some personal time and attention. Talk to a parent or trusted adult about getting some professional or medical help. 

Are there downsides to e-therapy?

While some worry that using a phone or computer programme might mean that young people are less likely to approach others and reach out for help, it’s actually quite the opposite! Computer programmes can help people learn how to ask for help and how to fully express their thoughts and feelings when the time’s right.

How do I support someone using SPARX?

There are many ways to help – it all starts by simply making yourself available and willing to listen. It’s also very important that they know you want to help them, and you’re willing to support them. 

First, ask them what support they would like. 
You could offer to:

  • Sign up for SPARX yourself so you can try it out and see how it works
  • Do SPARX alongside the person
  • Help them practise skills from SPARX
  • Help them deal with issues that are bothering them
  • Help them do some fun or positive things each day
  • Help them talk to a doctor, school health nurse, or counsellor

If you’re worried that someone who is using SPARX is not getting better head to our Get Help Now page for more resources. 

Remember: SPARX is not a crisis intervention and it’s not enough if someone is suicidal.

What other digital programmes could I suggest?

There are a few other great computer programmes that can help with depression.
Other online resources include:

Check it out for yourself

or sign up on behalf of someone else