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Building resilience through gameplay

SPARX e-therapy equips young people and rangatahi with life skills to power through stressful and negative emotions.

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Designed for a child’s mind

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Improve emotional intelligence

Players will identify different emotions, what they mean, and how to process them.

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Manage uncomfortable emotions

SPARX utilises Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to positively influence the way you think and react.

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You’re talking to pros

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Designed by clinicians

SPARX is backed by a team of dedicated researchers and clinicians from The University of Auckland.

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Rooted in science

A perfect balance between gameplay and proven techniques validated by multiple clinical trials.


Together, we’re raising up our rangatahi


Stories of success

We talk about the GNATs all the time now: Gloomy, Negative, Automatic Thoughts. It’s something I’ve been trying to get through to my kids for years.

SPARX Parent

It does definitely help me stop the negative thinking and fix the problems if I’ve had a bad day.


SPARX takes what may seem like really huge and impossible problems and breaks them down for you into small steps you can take – which makes finding a solution seem achievable.

Available for free on all devices
Available for
free on all devices

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