Meet the Team

Behind the SPARX project are a team of dedicated researchers and clinicians from The University of Auckland.

SPARX was created by Professor Sally Merry, Dr Karolina Stasiak, Dr Theresa (Terry) Fleming, Dr Matt Shepherd and Dr Mathijs Lucassen.

Professor Sally Merry

Professor Sally Merry is an experienced child and adolescent psychiatrist, is the Cure Kids Duke Family Chair in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Head of Department of Psychological Medicine. She led the development and testing of SPARX.

Dr Stasiak also coordinated the main study of SPARX.

Drs Fleming, Shepherd and Lucassen carried out doctoral studies of SPARX.

Metia Interactive developed the game.

The National Institute for Health Innovation (NIHI) at University of Auckland hosts and supports SPARX online.

Our SPARX publications are listed here.

What awards has SPARX received?

2013 International Digital Award from Netexplo

Netexplo is a ‘global observatory on digital society’, hosted by UNESCO. The awards were presented for projects that Netexplo call “the 10 most innovative and promising digital initiatives of the year”. See more here.

2011 World Summit Award

The World Summit Awards honour excellence in multimedia and e-Content creation. Forty winners (five in each category) are selected from 100 countries. The World Summit Awards are under the auspices of United Nations. See more here.