Get Help Now

If you or someone you know is thinking of hurting or killing themselves or is feeling suicidal you need to reach out and talk to someone who’s trained to help right now.


Free phone: 0508 4 SPARX(0508 477 279) 
Free text: 3110  

Call 111 if you or someone else might be unsafe right now.

If you are safe there are many others who might help too:

  • your parents or care givers,
  • a health service (family doctor/GP, youth health service, school health service),
  • a counselor, a therapist, free phone 0508 4 SPARX (0508 477 279) or free text 3110

If you are unsure about safety, please do reach out now.


How do I tell them what I need?


Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help and it can be difficult to know what to say. Talk to an adult you trust like a parent, family member, helpful adult at school or on your course. A helpline counsellor (from Youthline or Lifeline) can be a good start.

Part of the job of a doctor, nurse, counsellor and many other adults is to help young people who are feeling down, stressed, suicidal or just worried about what's going on, but none of them can read your mind!

You could try saying something like "I want some help because of how I'm feeling", "I'm feeling really bad and I don't know what to do", "I've been feeling suicidal" or "I think I am depressed/ stressed/ anxious and I need some help". You could even give them your quiz results from the online mood quiz. Some people like to take a family member or friend with them, or to write down what they are worried about.

Remember, anything you say to a doctor or counsellor is confidential. This means they can’t tell other people what you’ve said, unless they are really worried about your safety.

What if the people I ask don’t help?


Try again. Try asking more clearly, or ask someone else for help. There are lots of people who can help, so don't give up.