For Māori , there are a lot of ways to describe feeling auwhi, ahotea or pouri (down, stressed or depressed).

Negative feelings can have an impact on your taha wairua, taha hinengaro, taha tinana and taha whānau.


Connect with your whānau and whenua by practicing whānaungatanga.

You could ring or message a friend or a member of your whānau to find out how they are. Offer to them to catch up for some kai. Lots of good korero happens when people share kai together.

Look after your tinana by getting out and about and doing things you enjoy.

You could join a sports team, gym or even a kapa haka group. If you like getting outdoors, you could ask a mate to come along!

Take care of your hinengaro by taking slow deep breaths and talking to your friends and whānau about how you are feeling.

Everyone goes through tough times where we might feel like our mana is being judged, which can make us feel a bit whakamā. It’s important to reach out to friends and whānau when we need a bit of awhi and aroha. Practising your breathing can help rest your mind too.

Take care of your wairua by reconnecting with your atua, iwi, marae and whenua.

Having a korero with kaumatua to learn about your whakapapa, saying a karakia and visiting your marae are all ways you can take care of your wairua.

Practice the art of manaakitanga.

We can show appreciation and encouragement by practising manaaki. You could offer a friend or whānau member an act of kindness, shout them a treat or do some mahi for them. Words of encouragement can be good for our mauri as well.



If you are feeling down, SPARX can teach you skills on how to cope with negative thoughts and feelings.

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